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Is your Fence Installer Licensed and Insured?
a. What is a license and why is it important that your fence installer possess one?  A reputable installer, company, or contractor should always be licensed in the cities that it works in.  license acts as a work permit.  It means that the proper paperwork has been completed and fees have been paid to the appropriate authorities to legally perform the work  in the city and county governing your property.  It is just another step in dealing with a reputable person. The city screens its candidates and makes sure that they do not have previous violations.  Many fence installers do not possess a license.  Don't take their word for it; ask for a copy of their license or even call the city or county you live in inquire about the needs of a license and if your choice of Fence Installer is properly licensed with them.

b. What does it mean to be insured and why is this important to me?  It is important to seek a professional that has the proper coverage to protect not only your property and contents but also the Fence Installer's workers, vehicles, equipment and materials.  Did you know that if a company performs work on your property and is injured while on your property without the proper insurance coverage in force, the Fence Installer and/or workers can legally file a legitimate claim against your homeowners insurance (or business insurance).  Mayfield Fence highly recommends obtaining a certificate of insurance from the Fence Installer's insurance agent at the time work is to begin.  It has been noted by insurance companies that it is common practice by unethical people to alter certificates or let coverage expire while still performing work for uninformed customers.

c. Does the individual you are considering possess knowledge of the fence regulations and codes which are in place within your city or township?  All fence regulations must be followed in order to avoid potential hazards, fines or even removal of fence.  Although it is ultimately the property owner's responsibility, the Fence Installer you choose should have a general knowledge of regulations and codes to help with any considerations at hand.
What you should know before you choose your Fence Installer
Mayfield Fence is a Professional Fence Installer who possesses the necessary expertise and equipment to construct, maintain or repair fences.  We can build a fence in a style that is perfectly suited to the needs of individual homes, properties or businesses.  We will give you accurate results and quality services, and being professionals in the field, you can totally rely on us for an excellent job.  If you choose not to use Mayfield Fence, make sure you are choosing a company that has been in business with referrals from current customers.  There are many so-called fence installers that come and go and usually work out of the back of their truck or vehicle.  You should choose a reputable company who can service your product and honor your warranty.
Does your Fence Installer use concrete to set the fence posts?
If yes, how long does he allow the concrete to set? prior to returning to finish the job?  They must take into account the moisture of the ground, type of soil, current weather conditions and size of gates.  Be leary of anyone who sets post and finishes installation in the same day.  It is standard practice in the fence industry to set all chain link posts, ornamental aluminum, wood fence systems, and vinyl in concrete. The exception to the rule is if these fence systems are to be utilized in situations where the fencing will be mounted to pillars where no posts are underground.  Another common practice by some installers is to only use concrete on corner posts or every other post.  Mayfield fence sets every post in concrete to insure the strongest fence.
Why use a Professoinal Fence Installer instead of a handy man or contractor?
Should I install my landscaping before my fence?
Allow are highly professional fence consultants to explain the differences in our products and service.  Many companies use low quality materials, limited choices, lack of office personnell, expired insurance or licenses, and many other shortcuts to keep expenses low.  Mayfield Fence believes in providing it's customers with the every opportunity to have the highest quality fence at a reasonable price.
Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when looking at price.
We highly recommend holding off landscaping installation prior to fence installation.  This allows our installers the ability to dig your post holes and install posts with concrete without damaging your current landscaping or irrigation.  This also allows the landscaper or property owner to landscape to the fence line eliminating any question of vagueness or ambiguity.